Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My 2010's Birthday !!

❤因为有你们的陪伴, 今年的生日特别的有意义!!★ 感激家人的陪伴,关心和付出!! ★感激朋友们特意安排的聚会!!★感激朋友们特意抽空出席!!★感激朋友们通过面子书,手机短讯及MSN的生日祝贺!!★今年的生日蛋糕特别美味,因有你们的陪伴!!✟ 感谢上帝让我们那奇妙的相遇变得如此美丽!! 感恩!!❤ (*^__^*) 嘻嘻……❤

Sunday, May 30, 2010

2nd times trimmed j-ren hairs ..

today is the 2nd time i cut cut j-ren's hair .. getting better results i guess ..
since he's still small .. guess this d only time i can do wat i want on his HAIRS ...
hehehe ... some might b pity on him ..
some might b think this mommy so free ..
but for me .. juz wanna to have this lilttle thingy in my memory .
to have the moments with him ..
to enjoy every moments with him ..
even thou im enjoying myself.. hahhaa ..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Days without MIL ~.~|||

没有家婆在家的日子实在是有点苦 !!!
回想起, 与家婆住在同一个屋檐下也不赖啊 。。。
好幸福哟 。。 哈哈。。

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mommy n Baby falls sick together !!!

not a good weekend ~ aih ~ Jarren see Doc 3 times and took the Gas for 3 times already ~ he's still running nose ~ hopefully he could get better ASAP ~ pity him ~seeing he suffering frm the blocked nose mommy feels so bad ~ Pls let me to have all those sickness dun let the little j-ren suffer ~

Friday, August 14, 2009

Check-up @ Hospital Putrajaya

10th August, 2009 Monday . Jarren need to back for check-up. Thanks GOD that, Doc said everything is going super well on Jarren, dun worry too much. But still have to get some do some blood testing .. and when Doc said they need 6 bottles for that, both of us like @.@ WHAT ?? so shock ~ but then Doc. said only 1/2 cc a lil bit only some more Doc add on.. he's so chubby got problem of taking blood on him also... *faint* ~~

We reach Hos. bout 9am .. bout 12pm only Jarren get to SEE the Doc. and he CRIED for 1/2 an hour for getting the BlOOD .. and heard the nurse keep on saying SORRY to Jarren as they hardly get blood on his Chubby hand n legs... PITY-nyer ~~ so heart-pain when heard his Crying louder n louder inside the room. when nurse IN n OUT frm the room can get to see Jarren is crying n looking at me .. as i can't do anythings outside .. finally it's done !! when the nurse carried him out for me.. he's crying n dun wan me to hug him at all ~ oh GOSH~~ he seem like blaming me y not with him juz now.. after i said to him "SORRY lar, Mommy cannot go in ma..have to wait outside, not mommy dun wan to go ma " .... he seem like he UNDERSTAND and then only he wan me to hug him ~.~|||

bout 1pm only we left the Hos. and we r heading to IKEA planning to get a High Chair for Jarren. when reached we went for Lunch in Ikea. gave Jarren milk then he keep on Mumbling talking n playing on the Highchair. then bout 2.30pm when daddy is waking away to refill drink Jarren suddently said "BA BA" .. i was shock .. and told him.. u should say " MA MA" 1st .. y Ba ba lerr?? and when daddy go off then only u said? hahaa .. he's so weird looking at me ~ but still he keep on Mumbling there..

after Lunch then we heading back into the Ikea to look for Jarren HighChair then only found out at the Exit there as all the Highchair is SOLD OUT. what a day ~ coz of nite time i got work so after a short walk at IKANO then we heading back to my house.

After class, i called back hse, then only i realize. Tham is still at my hse and ONLY him with J-ren alone, my parents n Lynn is out for dinner. WOW ~ this the 1st time in this 7 mths daddy n son alone for few hours. Haha .. the 1st thing i asked was Taking care of Jarren by urself "siok" or not ?? and the 1st time he feed j-ren milk and change diaper. double WOW for that .. haha .. i was asking J-ren y din "poo" when daddy is looked after him. dunno how will it be then ~ can't imagine.. however , he did a very good job for the 1st time also.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WhaT is LIFE ???

Getting very boring with this ...
always always always .... like that ....
i need a break...
UNderstanding ? erm... im trying to.. did u ?

How i wish i could turn back time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still ... keep it down .. 忍。。
what if i can't stand anymore ???

Friday, July 10, 2009

A TOOTH in J-ren mouth !!

Jarren, is 182 days or 26 weeks (Approximately 6.1 months) old now.

and we juz saw that he got a TOOTH already ... wow.... im so excited. hahaha ... can't describe... few days i checked also dun have... until yesterday nite.. J-ren Bit his Grandpa finger only we knew ... hahaha .. what an incident. ...

should be got 2 below geh .. but ler.. now only got 1 .. waiting for another 1 .. Hopefully J-ren won't be suffering by fever..etc. syn-tom when the tooth / teeth grow out.

hehee .. still very happy ~~